Products and Raw Materials

Guaranteed Processing of Raw Materials

Recycling Guarantee: Products and Raw Materials Processed Professionally

The processing of textiles results in rejects and disposed recyclable materials. We reprocess these and turn them into a source of raw materials for new products. You benefit from effective waste disposal while supporting a sustainable means of recovering raw materials.

RVN - Sustainability in All Production Processes.

Textile Material Recycling of Valuable Raw Materials.

RVN uses the following raw materials, amongst others, in the recycling loop:

  • Natural fibres
  • Synthetic fibres
  • Special fibres, e.g. aramids,

which may appear in the form of fibres, threads, woven fabrics, crocheted fabrics, knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics.


Before RVN can process recyclable textile refuse into fibres with our certified guarantee, the following conditions must be met:

  • The raw materials must be provided dry and odour-free, in single-origin or homogeneous mixtures.
  • All fabrics must be largely free of lurex and elastane.
  • The fabrics may not be coated, laminated or contaminated.
  • They may not contain foreign bodies such as metals, zippers, buttons, paper, films etc., as these impurities would make the valuable end product unusable.

Our secondary fibre production facilities are of the very highest standard.


Product Range: Specification of Raw Materials.

The following PDF file contains information about our product range as well as the specifications of the individual raw materials.

"Products / Raw Materials" (Specifications) (PDF 190KB)

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