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Recycling Loop as Part of Sustainability

Sustainability: Environmental Consciousness as a Corporate Philosophy

RVN Offers a Recycling Guarantee

We collect and process factory-fresh fabrics: production surpluses, off-cuts, leftover fibres - with the right processing technology, new raw materials and products can be manufactured from them. You will get a workmanship guarantee. You can find out more in the section entitled "Products / Raw Materials".

Nachhaltige Faserproduktion

Textile Material Loop: as Part of Sustainability.

The ideal textile material loop works as follows:

  • Waste fabrics will arise from your production.
  • RVN will reprocess these to recycled fibres.
  • New textile products are produced from the recycled fibres.
  • These textile products can then also be used in your production.

This closes the loop with the result that no more recyclable materials are lost.

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